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Create an income you can’t outlive

Today we can expect to live longer with more active lives than any generation before us. But as our retirement horizons expand, so do our financial needs. 

Most of us will face an “income gap” when we retire. This is the difference between what you’ll receive from Social Security, a pension if you have one, and any other sources of guaranteed income... and what’s needed to meet expenses and maintain the lifestyle you want.  

An annuity can be a valuable addition to a person’s overall portfolio. But it isn’t right for everyone. Since no two people are the same and no two retirement goals are exactly alike, it is essential to determine which annuity solution will match your desired goals. 

Annuities provide insurance against the risk that you’ll outlive your money after you retire. They give you the potential to grow your savings and create a guaranteed income stream to last a lifetime. When the market is expanding, you can accumulate money tax-deferred. If there's a downturn, you're protected from market loss. When you’re ready to take income, you can elect a guaranteed “paycheck” to carry you (& your spouse) through your retirement years. Today’s annuities have an guaranteed income rider that is currently earning: 10% simple or 6% compound interest for 10+ years and includes a Long-term Care rider.

We can design a plan to help bridge the “income gap” by converting a portion of your personal savings and investments into a stream of income you can count on.

When it comes to annuities, “one size does not fit all.”  Remember to factor in your age; financial situation (assets, debts, income, tax status, how you plan to pay for the annuity); your tolerance for risk; your financial objectives and experience; your family circumstances; and how you plan to use the annuity. Answer to these questions will help you find the right annuity.


Watch this video if you are a small business owner over age 50, with no more than five employees. It explains a way to fund discriminatory benefit with huge tax deductions using only annuities.

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